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    SFDC User for Marketo Sync: Best Practice?

    Jenn DiMaria
      Hi all!

      As everyone here probably does, we've created a user in SFDC for Marketo to connect and sync to; however, we have other apps to install, as well, that also require a dummy users.

      It's not ideal for us to create more and more dummy users as we add apps (of course, if we have to, we will).  We were thinking instead about hooking these apps up through the dummy account we've set up for Marketo.

      Is there a best practice around this (ie: should we NOT do that?)  What are the repercussions?

      Let me know if you all have any advice.

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          Amber Hobson
          I'd love to hear others thoughts as well. We only have 1 sync for the various programs that we use, but at least it is only 2 apps currently. We use the same sync for both Marketo and Cvent. Our sales people treat anything that has our database user's ID as something from a "marketing program" since we own both of those apps. But as we look into adding other apps for integration, we aren't sure if we should think about having a different user or the same.
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            In general, there are two reasons I see folks glad Marketo is it's own user:
            1.           You can see what data Marketo changed when troubleshooting, and not play a "which app did it" game when figuring out why a lead is set a particular way.
            2.           You can easily modify permissions to hide fields from Marketo without interferring with other applications

            Marketo touches a lot of data, often more than most other applications. It might make sense to leave Marketo alone and group others, or if you rarely find yourself investigating how data was changed you could try doing it all with one user.
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