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Preselect VISIBLE form field dropdown value via URL parameters

Question asked by 5d021237f31fed590cde479a883aab6df0f5ffb9 on Aug 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by Amy Lepre
Hi there,

I'm familiar with preselecting HIDDEN form field values via URL parameters, but wondering if the same is possible for VISIBLE form fields?

Use case: I have a page that offers 4x package options in a table. Against each option is a link and each of those links point to the same page with a Marketo form on it. I want to reoffer those packages on the form but preselect the package that they've already showed initial interest in. This is so we save them time if they have already thought about the option, OR give them the chance to more consciously select the right package (rather than assume they already have).

This is why using hidden fields aren't sufficient here. Appreciate any advice!