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    Updating Leads on a List

      Is it possible to use the API to update Leads on a specific smart list? For example, I have a smart list called "unengaged". I'd like to periodically call Marketo and update 3-4 fields for only those leads on the "unengaged" smart list. Is that possible? 

      Tim Kirby
        • Re: Updating Leads on a List
          No way I know to do it directly, but there are a few approaches that you could use:
          •           Have a webhook in a trigger campaign that sends out a request to your system registering someone as "unengaged" whenever they qualify. Then you can periodically update those folks. You may need another webhook to unregister them.
          •           You can set a field on the lead and then use the getLeadChanges API to poll and "listen" for someone matching the requirements of that list, and then update those folks.