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Dupes from initial SFDC sync?

Question asked by Kimi Heskett Expert on Jul 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by Kimi Heskett
Here's the background: We've been running Marketo standalone for a year. Have 'solid' data and a years worth of activity history and all the goods. We've been using Dynamics CRM for a few years. We're moving to SFDC (YAY!) and our go-live date is on 8/12/13.

I realize the inital sync will write everything from SFDC over to Marketo. Our SFDC will be loaded with all the data from our old CRM, etc then we'll sync. 

On the initial sync everything from SFDC will sync over to Marketo. This will obviously create some duplicates that are already duplicated in SFDC because contacts my live on multiple accounts. Ex. is a contact on two different accounts in SFDC so when the initial sync happens both of those sync over to Marketo as two records. I believe we will also be using the account role custom object - can this help me remedy my duplicate problem?
And what if is already a lead in Marketo? That person will remain in Marketo and then the multiple from SFDC will then exist in Marketo. I have a feeling there will be SO MANY duplicates. And then among the duplicates are there some that should remain duplicates because they are contacts on different accounts?
I don’t want to mass delete our Marketo database before the sync and lose all that activity history.
There are probably a whole bunch of questions to spawn off of this one but it is certainly keeping me up at night. Any guidance?