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Fields by State

Question asked by 59a1ad619c5cd6bdb29b9524cb2acbb91d8c3a16 on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2013 by 2377
I am sending out an email where I have custom fields being filled by state. For Example: If state = NY, RAM Name = Ken.

This gets a little tricky with some states.  NY for example has 2 sales reps.  So, I have it set up: if Postal Code = XXXXX, XXXXX, then RAM = Al. So, I have in my flow set up like below:
     If Postal Code is XXXXX, XXXXX, then RAM = Al
     If state = NY, RAM Name = Ken

Is it true that whatever hits first in the flow will occur first? So if a lead comes in from NY, BUT has a postal code of XXXXX, then the RAM name will be AL since that is the first filter?