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Tracking original lead source with UTM info

Question asked by ec232de00e01815311f5813c1ccd56204b3d514b on Oct 7, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by Alexandre Pelletier
     I'm having trouble tracking lead sources in Marketo. I think the issue could be summed up like this: I'm looking for a way to track UTM info in Marketo. But I'll provide additional details below.

     In particular, I'm wanting to ask some basic questions about my Marketo leads, such as: "Out of the 100 people that signed up for the on-demand webinar in March, which of them did so because they saw x advertisement?" For this example, I'm tracking conversion from a LinkedIn sponsored update.
     We have what I assume to be a fairly normal setup:
  •           Landing page. Simple page with a form for name, email, etc.
  •           Video page. After filling out the form, they are redirected to the page with the on-demand video.
We have our Google Analytics code on our Marketo pages, and we of course add UTM info to our links, so I'm able to get the count without much trouble, via Google Analytics. I know how many people hit the landing page, and how many make it through to the video page, and exactly which ad they came from.
     But once I get into Marketo to find out who these people are, I run into a problem. If I use the Original Referrer column, I see a mixture of things like these: 
  •  This makes sense, but doesn't let me distinguish between paid and non-paid LinkedIn traffic. (The same thing happens with Twitter. We run some Twitter ads, but I want to distinguish between paid and non-paid Twitter traffic.)
  •  (a page on Marketo). I don't understand how this could ever be the original referrer. Nobody is typing in this URL directly.
  •           Some other pages that don't seem to be a legitimate "original referrer." 
So I guess this boils down to 3 basic questions:
  1.           Am I missing something in order to be able to track original referrer reliably? 
  2.           Original referrer works fine for campaigns run on one site like LinkedIn or Twitter, but what do I do if I want to track leads from a campaign across an entire ad network? 
  3.           Is there a way to split out leads by UTM info such as campaign name, ad name, etc.?