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Issues with Nurture

Question asked by 7bd945c890da454f04c45e613130f586b2ee3fcf on Oct 21, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by 7bd945c890da454f04c45e613130f586b2ee3fcf
I have a couple things happening and would really appreciate your help!

1) New leads are being created by nurture. How is this even possible? lead activity record shows 'lead created' as first activity at the exact same day/time they beomce a member of nurture. I need to fix this since these leads are coming in with [not provided] info and they are not duplicates.

2) I have tasks/alerts setup for sales that says assign task when lead reaches MQL, or was previously recycle and renews interest, when they show interest in high-value content, etc. (lots of scenarios). But what is happening is a person may come out of recycle status, become an MQL and download something high-value. So sales is getting a task for each thing - in this example, 3 tasks. Not good! Anyone see this and know a way to fix it? Not sure how to program that if activity was created same day, dont create a new one - or something like that. 

Hope you all can help!! I cannot stand it when sales wakes up Monday morning ****** off. Thanks!!