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    Convincing the Web Team that Marketo Is NOT Their Enemy. Help me make my case?

      So we've been using Marketo for nearly a year and over the last several months, I've noticed some growing hostility an attitude change among our internal web team (who maintain our company web site) about Marketo and how much the Marketing team is using it for promotion. The attitude now seems to be that Marketo is BAD for our website, and should only be used sparingly, with most of the pages we are creating being put as pages on our website instead (read: programmed by the web team). 

      Now admittedly, some of my users got a little wacky with web pages and used it as a tool to get something out QUICKLY rather than use our internal workflow/web team (which takes a bit longer.) I'm working corralling that, but it has now gotten to the point that if we even want to put a link to a Marketo page on our WEBSITE, the web team balks, saying "we are taking traffic away from the website." (Although we always link back in from our Marketo pages to our website as a point of practice and any downloadable content - papers, etc. - is NOT hosted on Marketo but on our website.)

      When I try to get to the bottom of where this is coming from, these are the objections I most commonly get:
      1.   Having these pages outside of our main website hurts our Google Score because the hits are going to those pages, not our website pages. I don't know a lot about Google Analytics but since we're using a C-NAME and subdomain, wouldn't that not be true? Wouldn't Google view www.companyname.com and marketopages.companyname.com as being the same "site" or domain?
      2.   Marketo pages aren't "searchable" - as far as I can tell, they don't mean "via search engine," they mean that when someone searches our website (we use a Google search appliance as I recall), content on Marketo pages will not come up in the search results. I imagine that probably IS true, but is there a way to change that?
      3.   Asking people to "leave our website" by going to a Marketo page is bad, bad, bad. Bad. BAD. Just always BAD. We want them to live on our website forever (and ever and ever and ever - cue The Shining twins.)

      Part of me feels that some of this attitude is plain and simple "territorialness" or "job preservation" (if we can build our own pages, we need them less). But I don't want to simply dismiss their concerns (and some may be quite valid). So how do I convince them that Marketo is GOOD for us, good for them, and good for our website? That we don't need to create a policy (seriously!) that any landing page that will live longer than "X months" HAS to be built on our web site instead? Have any of you experienced this in the past and how did you work through it?