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    Having trouble with Form Section Breaks

    Marcy Chandler
      Is anyone able to help me with another section break issue?

      I have this page http://pages.bkd.com/subscription-choices.html and I am needing to add a section break so that there is a space between both technology companies and transprotation & Logistics so that Forensics, Investigation, Litigation and Governance, Risk, Compliance are down a line so I can add a header.

      I have attached a screen shot just in case I am working on the page.

      <script src="/js/public/jquery-latest.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
      <script type="text/javascript">
        var $jQ = jQuery.noConflict();
        $jQ(document).ready(function() {

      I have tried using the javascript provided in other posts but I just can't figure out how to make them both drop down. When I juse the javascript above it only drops down the forensics field and pushes it over to the other column. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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          Now it is three columns wide on my screen, is that intended?
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            Marcy Chandler
            Hey Jason -

            Yes I broke it into 3 columns. This has just been a really big mess. Our current subscription page just stopped working and we can't go back to the people who built it so we are trying to rebuild right now.

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              Each one of the checkboxes are contained in a <li> tag.  Example:  the 'Technology Companies' checkbox looks like this:

              <li class="mktField mktLblRight">
              <span class="mktInput mktLblRight">
               <input id="Technology_Companies__c" class="mktFormCheckbox" type="checkbox" tabindex="27" value="1" name="Technology_Companies__c">
              <label>Technology Companies</label>
              <span class="mktFormMsg"></span>
                   From <li> .... to ....</li>  any padding or margins you edit will only edit THAT space reserved for that element.
                   If I understand your question, you might want to try and create a blank space (so to speak) between where the right most element closes </li> and the next element opens <li>. 
                   This is the best advice I have for you.  Possibly a new <li> which would contain its own width and height </li>.
                   Hope this helps,