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Engagement Program Best Practice

Question asked by Mark Farnell Expert on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by 45518
I'd like some feedback from the community on whether I am aproaching the use of engagement programs in the best way.  We use similar content across different programs, currently segmenting the content based on region.  So I've created some standard email programs so I can just drop them in to engagement.

I think using programs is the best approach, since I can be sure if a lead is in more than one engagement program we wont send the same content twice, although I know that will work of just an email as well.

Also to add the program to each engagement program I am creating a new send camapign to send the program to member of "x" engagement program, so each actual email program may have several send campaigns.

Also, at the moment we are adding in another layer to only keep leads in one engagement program, so for each new engagement program I use a flow step to remove from the other engagment programs (change status to not in program) before adding to the new one.  We do this at the moment as we have several working at the same time and while we are in our early stages of using the enagagement programs want to try and make sure everyone is only in one (but if they end up in two we know they wont get the content)  This probably wont be sustainable in the longer term as we build up our nurture activities.

We're using programs fo attribution as well as tracking the overall program status of each program away from the engagement program.

Is this broadly the best approach?