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    Assign lead to marketo sync user instead of queue?

      Since tasks aren't created when a lead is assigned to a queue instead of lead owner, we've missed a few leads coming through that need contacted. Is there any way to set it up so that leads are assigned to marketo sync user instead of a queue when there's no lead owner to be assigned to them? What's the best way to approach this?
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          Hey Kelly,

          I want to make sure I understand what you are saying... When a Lead is synced to SFDC and there is no Lead Owner, the Lead is assigned to a Queue. And seeing how a Queue is general, any associated task to follow up is assigned to no one, or not created, and the Lead sits in your system in anonyminity. That right?

          If so, I would have a an alert email sent to yourself and an appropriate Sales Manager when a Lead is assigned to the Queue. This way each Lead can be addressed in real time and assigned to a different rep manually, or maybe dropped into an Engagement Nurture. 

          Just a thought!
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            Hi Kelly,

            I agree that Jeff's suggestion of sending alert email when this happens is a great idea. If you do want to assign to the Marketo Sync user, you could use the "Sync Lead to SFDC" step, and specify that the leads going through the flow get synced to that user, after a wait step that gives them the chance to be assigned to a Queue using your lead routing rules in SFDC.

            Hope this helps!