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    SugarCRM Connector

      Is anybody out there using SugarCRM and working on the connector through NEPO? I'm running into some issues and would love to share insight into your experiences. Let's link up!
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          I am familiar with NEPO's SugarCRM connector.

          The most common problems arise when Marketo and/or SugarCRM change datbase fields.

          I did not check the latest release notes. The upgrades between SugarCRM 6.2.0 and 6.5.0 may have changed or added fields.

          Which issues are affecting your integration?

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                 Hi Jackie,

                 We are about to start this integration process and was wondering if you could share the issues you ran into and what you wish you would have done before starting the process. Any help/tips would be extremely helpful!



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              I'm doing some testing now for SugarCRM 7.2 Professional and Marketo. I'm having a strange issue when new leads are created in Marketo the Leads pushed to SugarCRM do not contain their email. The original leads email gets changed to an admin email for Marketo and I'm not sure how thats happening. On the SugarCRM end we end up with the admin email becomming the primary email and the original email as the secondary email.

              I'm not sure how to go about fixing this bug as leads pushed back from SugarCRM into Marketo seems to be working fine. I have to remove the admin email from the Lead record in SugarCRM and then save to be able to correct the error. I'm still looking into why its behaving this way. Still no luck
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                I am having the same issue with our Sugar CRM connector.