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    Blocked Mailings Report

      When scheduling a campaign to run, I typically see a moderate amount of blocked users. While it is very easy to click on the members who are blocked to see the list, I was curious as to whether I could run a report for that campaign that attaches the reason for the blockage, i.e. unsubscribed, to the list. 

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          Hey Eric,

          Unfortunately there is not. The main reasons why you will see folks blocked are the following reasons:
          - Unsubscribed
          - Email Invalid
          - Marketing Suspended
          - Email Suspended
          - Black Listed

          You can always add these fields to your Lead view to see which reason is the culprit.
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            What I would do is:
            •           When you are going to schedule your campaign, click on the number of blocked leads so it pulls the list of blocked leads in that campaign (Around X leads are blocked from mailings)
            •           From there you can create a view so you see why the leads were blocked.           
              •                     So Email Invalid: True/False
              •                     Email Unsubscribed: True/False

            Hope this helps,