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Sales Insights/Salesforce - how do you let reps know a new contact was included in a campaign?

Question asked by 2c257372072cc03eb52ec582b84d9b9e8e5c3048 on Oct 11, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2013 by Josh Hill
Hi all! We are launching a campaign where we have paid for new contacts at companies that are in salesforce. Meaning the contact is not in salesforce but the account/company is.

These people are all assigned to our sales reps based on account but the reps don't know about these contacts (or just haven't added them to salesforce).

Is there a way we can let the reps know we have hit their customer/prospect with a campaign without a sending a lead? I was hoping to do this via Interesting Moments but not sure how that works when the contact is not in salesforce.

Thank you!!!