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    Munchkin code - usable right away?

      I have moved through steps 1-7 in the "getting started" article, but am wondering - can I add the munchkin code to our website right away, or does it need to wait until DKIM signing is activated (or any other part of the process is taken care of).
      This process is all so new to me, I am unsure which steps are related / dependant on each other.

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          DKIM is not a pre-requisite for Munchkin. You can safely add it to your website.

          Please be aware the Simple is preferrable if the website is already calling jQuery libraries.
          The reason is simple: Asynchronous or Asynchronous jQuery (AJAX) can raise versioning conflicts, resulting in no tracking, unless noConflict is manually added.


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            Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!

            We do not have a dedicated IT person (our website was built on contract a while ago), is there a way for me to look at the back end (godaddy hosted), and tell if our website is already calling jQuery libraries? Or... in a situation like ours, is it best for me to just proceed with the Simple version to be safe?
            I want to get the most out of the munchkin code!