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    Reachforce Forms on Marketo Landing Pages

      I would love to use Reachforce forms on our Marketo landing pages.  We use Reachforce on our other site pages and would like to integrate them with our Marketo landing pages as well.  The trouble is, I'm not sure how I should do this:

      A) Use a Marketo Form or
      B) Use Custom HTML and input the Reachforce form information into it

      I need the information to integrate with Salesforce as well.  Anyone have any suggestions?
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          Hi Samantha:

          We use a Reachforce on our Marketo landing pages.

          You can create a Marketo form and then have the other Reachforce-enriched fields hidden and populated by the Reachforce data on submission. The JavaScript that Reachforce provides can just be copied and pasted into your landing page template head after the corresponding hidden fields with no default value are set up on the form.

          Making a custom form on a Marketo page with HTML would be a burden to implement and maintain!

          Edward Unthank
          Marketing Operations Specialist