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    Link Performance on Landing Page

      I've created a landing page that contains two links, both to external sites. I'd like to measure the performance of the links through Marketo, but I'd like to get a count that includes both leads and anonymous clickers to measure the overall click rate. Is there a way to do this? I've tried setting up a smart campaign to aggregate a list of those clicked by setting up a trigger, but it doesn't appear to be recognizing anonymous clicks. THANKS!
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          Kenny Elkington
          Hey Luke,

          To get a list of anonymous leads who have clicked, you'll need to use the Clicks Link filter, and the Is Anonymous True filter.  This will make the smart list display anonymous leads.
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            Thanks for the info!

            I've set up a smart campaign that uses the "Click Link" trigger with "starts with" text, since for some reason my landing page's links aren't showing up in the dropdown. And I've constrained it to the webpage. And I added the "Is Anonymous" filter. For the flow action, I have it set to add any clickers to an established list. I activated it and tried clicking one of the links, and there was no addition the list. What am I doing wrong? I'd like the list to aggregate all clickers that are existing leads, as well as all clickers who are not recognzied as existing leads.