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Is there a way to override form submissions with existing Marketo data?

Question asked by 27261 on Sep 17, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2013 by 4f8fe15dff266eb608e10c69a51a9a0b6309c9eb
I'm sure that some of you may have faced this issue before.  We have existing leads & contacts in Marketo (that are also copied in Salesforce) that we invite to webinars, events, etc. through registration forms.  We have found that some, not all, of our respondents will fill in the forms with poor data quality (all lowercase, abbreviated titles, etc.) that will overwrite their existing database information.  Our Sales team gets somewhat annoyed by this fact, because they feel (and in some cases it's very true) that their data on this lead is more valid than the self-reported data in the forms. 

Is there a way to back out changes from forms for existing database leads while enabling new leads to be created with complete contact data?  How have most of you handled this in the past. 

Do you create new leads for webinars, etc. -or- do you have intelligence in your campaign to restrict updates on certain fields if the data is not net new?