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    Templates for Engagement Program?


      We are starting to use the Engagement Program for our nurture.  Has anyone used it? Can you share any best practices?

      I also wonder if anyone has a template that they use to document program requirements. This is something that will be very useful to standardize program requests.  


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          Hi Caryne - Marketo has example programs that you can download for free, I found them very helpful for when I started with Marketo. Go to marketing activities,  (I suggest making a folder for Marketo downloaded programs) and then go to new, import program, choose Marketo Program Library, and then choose the program you want to import!

          Hope that helps!
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            Josh Hill
            Take a look at some caveats about using this.

            Otherwise, Engagements are great. Setup the following structure:

            01 - Stream Emails
            02 - Stream Emails

            01 - Landing Pages

            04 - Entry Flows
            05 - Exit Flows
            05 - Lists
            06 - Reports

            #s are example only.