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    20114 - Bad parameter when setting marketoCookie

      I'm using C# and code from the Marketo C# Example to try and sync leads.  Everything is working fine as long as I don't set the marketoCookie property of my ParamsSyncLead variable:

      ws_lead.marketoCookie = cookie;

      cookie is the value of the marketo cookie, it looks like this "id:MYID,token:_mch-localhost-1375359337265-73080".

      Changed id to MYID, but it is a valid ID.  As soon as I call syncLead with this line of code in place I get the 20114 - Bad parameter error being thrown.  If I comment out that line, everything works.  From the API doc this seems like it should work
           This function requests an insert or update (upsert) operation for a lead record. When updating an existing lead, the 
           lead can be identified one of the follow:
             Marketo ID
             Foreign system ID
             Marketo Cookie

           Our requirement is for the marketo cookie to be the unique identifier, not the other 3.  

           Any thoughts?