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    what's better? creating 3 campaigns in sfdc vs. creating one program in Marketo?

    Michelle Tiziani
      My colleage created 3 campaigns in SFDC for 3 different segments offering the same product and is the same channel which she labeled integrated.  These 3 campaigns are suppose to sync to a Marketo program/campaign and each segment has their own corresponding email.  

      Is it better to just combine the 3 campaigns into 1 in SFDC and have it sync to Marketo program, then segment the lists in the program, and have the one channel that should really be more of an email channel since there's really no integration with telemarketers, banner ad, nor brochure? Then send out one email campaign and have the option for the 3 different lists to receive their corresponding email?

      Otherwise, I'd have to create 3 different programs and sync it to the 3 campaigns in SFDC. I thought it would be nicer to see all the stats in one program.