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Marketo Outlook add-in: Issue tracking correct ip address tracking sender's activity vs recipient's

Question asked by Augie Kuron on Sep 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2013 by 71d8faa95d850d4aa839a9adffc252343298ee5d
I recently started using Marketo's Outlook add-in feature to help track if lead's have opened or clicked in emails that I've sent.  The only problem I seem to be having, and this is only in a few rare instances, is that some of the leads are tracking my web activity and not that of the recipient of the email.

For example:  I sent out a one-off email to a lead using the 'send and track' button from outlook.  The lead responded and a couple more emails were sent back and forth.  A few days after communication had ceased I noticed this lead had a high amount of clicking and web-page visits- Though I quickly discovered that the activity it was tracking was my own and not the activity of the lead's.  

I've had similar issues for a few other leads as well.  Does anyone know why this may be happening and how to prevent it?