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    Inferred State

           We have a lead routing rule in SFDC that runs on the state field.   I want to geep the gate on content as simple as possible, so I was thinking of just using the inferred state.  Rather that edit the workflow in SFDC, I was hoping to just update the state value with the inferred state and then push the lead to SFDC.  
           Problems is, I cannot see the inferred state as a value in the "change data value" field.

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          After submitting this, I saw that I may be able to place  {{lead.Inferred State Region}} into the change data value field.   so, even though inferred state is not in the drop down, it looks like you can still use this "code" to call values? 
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            Kenny Elkington
            Hey Rich,

            That is correct.  {{lead.Inferred State Region}} is what we call a token, and you can use this to pull values from a field for emails or Change Data Values.  The reason the field isn't available as a target attribute for Change Data Value is because the field is system managed, being filled by the first web activity that we log for a lead record.

            For the use case you're describing, you'll likely want to set up a campaign with a "Lead is Created" trigger and "State is Empty" then a Change Data Value flow step that targets "State" and populates it with a new value of "Inferred State Region"  This will fill the value for any leads who are created in Marketo and don't already have a value in the state field.
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              Im getting a lot of blanks in inferred state and inferred country.   Why would that be the case?
              We have state and country as mandatory fields on our form.   But I heard that if the client is not running java, it may not enforce the mandatory fields.   But inferred should still work.   

              Unless.........they are using a private setting in search to get to our site first?   like https://google.com?

              Love to know why the inferred data is blank.