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    Blind form submit via email link

      Hey all,

      Does Marketo support the ability to submit a form given a parameter in an email link? I know that this is possible within Eloqua, but was curious if Marketo supports the same functionality. Or, has anyone had success using jquery to accomplish the same thing on the page? I've seen a few articles, but I'm not up to speed on jquery coding, so any help with that path would be greatly appreciated!

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          What exactly are you looking to do? I'm guessing your normal workflow is email > form > confirmation. You can go right to email to confirmation page, and use a specific smart list for people who clicked that link to go through the flow that would normally be required by filling out a form. We used to do this for known leads when we would send out content emails; instead of making them fill out a form, it was a click to download and we still triggered lead scoring, routing, etc. based on that click.
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            Hey Jason,

            Yep, that's the basic premise. We have a separate smart campaign set up for each asset that triggers a notification for the lead's rep to follow up. I'll play with this and see if it works, but it sounds like it will do the trick. Thanks!