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Get all lead activities and keep up to date

Question asked by d3459cb55fb33a4adb1ea6b92712cce6ac4cc367 on Mar 9, 2014
     I want to get all lead activities for all leads, and keep this up to date.
     I don't see an easy way to do this, because the getLeadActivity call seems to only return lead activities for a particular lead, and getLeadChanges seems to return lead activities only for a static set of leads.
     Instead, I am thinking the best approach is using the following pseudo code:
One time catch up:
     all_leads = getMultipleLeads(no criteria)
     for activity in getLeadChanges(leadSelector->keyValues=all_leads)
     last_run_time = now()
Then periodically:
     updated_leads = getMultipleLeads(lastUpdatedSelector->oldestUpdatedAt=last_run_time)
     for activity in getLeadActivity(leadSelector->keyValues=updated_leads, lastUpdatedSelector->oldestUpdatedAt=last_run_time):
     last_run_time = now()
     Would this work?
     Is this the best way to accomplish this given the current API?