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Data enrichment for online lead generation experiences, tips?

Question asked by 59242 on Aug 17, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2014 by 17582
     Does anyone of you guys have experiences with data enrichment providers, integrated in marketing automation or CRM systems? I saw that there are a few discussions about this topic here. But since they are pretty old and not with real tips, I thought asking again could reveal some new insights.
     As part of implementing inbound marketing for our company, I’m setting up Marketo. One of the challenges in my current project is to get as much information as possible as fast as possible about a new lead who opts in via a web form. Because I have to start more or less from scratch when it comes to content, our Marketo-based lead nurturing processes will not contain many steps in the beginning. This means that tactics like progressive profiling will probably not work very well for us until we have more content and thus longer lead nurturing processes.
     Browsing through Marketo’s extension and third party integration marketplace I stumbled upon three data enrichment providers: Netprospex, ReachForce and D&B. I haven’t had the time to examine every provider in detail. But their core offer is to add additional data (from of their or their partners’ databases) about people in your lead database. In most cases this information is company related. But some providers like Netprospex offer person related information, too.
     I have not used such data enrichment providers in the past. So I’m curious if anyone of you has some experiences or tips?