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Keep the highest lead score when attaching a lead to an existing contact

Question asked by Marie Ligier on Sep 26, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by Marie Ligier

Our Sales and Marketing teams convert leads into contacts in Salesforce, and in many cases there's already an existing contact to which they can attach the lead.

But when a lead is attached to the contact, the contact's score value prevails. I would like to update the contact score if the lead score is higher (for example, the lead I am converting had a score of 50 and the contact has a score of 10, I would like the score to be 50 after I've attached the lead to the contact upon conversion).

The problem is that my field "score" in Salesforce is already a formula that adds "behaviour score" and "lead score", and I need to keep that addition so I can continue updating the score !

Has anyone already faced this issue?