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    Using Channel in a Smartlist

      We have a workflow that we want to run just for a specific channel type.  e.g.   I want to notify sales of attendees to a webcast and i can build a workflow to do that.  But I do not want to notify sales if they were just a whitepaper download.  But I do not yet want to use lead scoring.
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          Josh Hill
          You can do this a variety of ways, although I'm not sure you need to run this part as a Program necessarily:
          1.           setup a trigger to say if Form Filled Out on Page X and Form Y, then Send Email Alert
          2.           do the same, but then set Interesting Moment
          3.           Your Program, if you are using both Webinars and WPs in the same one could have a channel status of Attended, Missed, and Downloaded Paper. So when Program Status becomes Attended, Send Webinar Alert. When Downloaded Paper, set Interesting Moment (or do nothing).