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    Demographic + Behavioral = Total Score?

    Jeff Coveney
      The Situation
      I am working on a lead scoring revamp where I want Total Score to equal the sum of Demographic plus Behavioral. Seems pretty simple—I created a calculated field in SF that works like a charm and the values are adding up correctly.
      Here’s the problem – Visibility in Sales Insight
      When reps go to the Scoring tab in SF in Sales Insight, it’s basically useless. They see the values but there don’t see the campaigns that triggered the Total Score because Total Score is calculated.  There is no answer to “Why did that score increase?”
      Usually see something like….
      Trigger – Visited Web Page                          +3
      Trigger – Filled out Form                               +30
      Now see something like….
      Value change Salesforce                               +3
      Value change Salesforce                               +30
      Work Around
      One option is that I switch the calculated Total Score field to a scored field. I then add a separate step to the scoring flows that update both the appropriate Demographic or Behavioral score, AND the Total Score. I’m trying to avoid this for maintenance reasons as there are 40+ score rules using 4-5 segments in the flow step.
      Another option is to have interesting moments only reference the Behavioral Score. This doesn’t tell the complete picture though as it's missing the Demographic Score piece.
      Any other suggestions?
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          Jeff Coveney
          And here is a screen shot of the issue where the Marketo Campaign name is not showing. Instead the SF Sync is displaying.0EM50000000QvCg
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            Patrick Cava
            Hey Jeff,

            did you ever decide on a solution for your lead scoring?
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              I've continued to use the option where Total Score is a calculated field in SF to add up Demo + Behavior. It works pretty well. However, you can sometimes run into conflicts. For example, if data fails to sync over because of some invalid country or other reason, total score won't get calculated. 

              The other option I have heard about but haven't used is to the leverage a third party webhook to send the data outside Marketo for calculation and then have it return back with the total score.

              Good luck.
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                Jillian Molina
                Hi Jeff -- Just wanted to check if this is still a problem for you and your reps and if you ever tried to set up the calculation in Marketo. My organization is experimenting with changing our lead scoring to an effective model but it seems odd that Marketo doesn't provide a way to take behavior score and demographic score, add them together, and make them equal to Lead Score.
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                  Yeah, I am running into this exact same issue. Seems like to resolve this involves making things much more complicated then it needs to be. 

                  Jeff's option to put a caluclated field in SFDC makes sense - but I believe that would involve having to synch everything over to SFDC immediately no? i.e. nothing can sit in Marketo before waiting to synch over into SFDC? if it doesn't it seems like this optioon wouldn't work correctly? 
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                    Jeff Coveney
                    Jillian, there has been no further updates. The solution  I usually use is a calculated SF field that sums behavioral and demographic. As Paul mentioned, this means that you need to sync to Salesforce. If you don't do that, this method won't work. Another option I have heard of is that some people use a web hook to connect to a third party to do the actual calculation. Then that calculation is brought back into Marketo. Seems like an unnecessary step. Of course, the best solution would just be for Marketo to support calculated fields.
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                        Kristin Haynes

                        Hi Jeff,

                        We are working through this issue as well. Have you heard of any updates that would solve this issue?


                        Much appreciated!!



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                            Grégoire Michel

                            Hi Kristin,


                            Better open a new thread if you expect answers Most of community users will overlook a 3 years old one with more than a few answers.


                            Today, things are different, since the way score fields synchronize is different (typically, I had many issues synch'ing back score fields from SFDC to Marketo). So I use 2 fields:

                            • I still get the SFDC formula fields to compute the total. But the corresponding Marketo field is left as a number field.
                            • Then I add a Marketo trigger campaign that fires on change data value on the total field and copies it's value to the lead score field.


                            But it does not solve the issue of what reads in the MSI score tab.