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    Synchronization between Marketo and Salesforce

      Is there any way to determine when Marketo has completed synchronization with Salesforce?  I.e. If a Salesforce implementation is not having records updated I need to know when Marketo has all information updated.
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          The current functionality exposes the sync logs and status to Marketo Support and Enablement users.
          Support can also retrieve statistics. 

          Exposing the logs and status to Admin users would be great for "Ideas". 

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            If you're looking to see when Salesforce has synced with Marketo, you can find this in Admin > Salesforce. In the top right corner it says "Last Synced: (date), (time)."


            This means having Admin rights. The sync is also for when the Marketo side and Salesforce side have completed. So if you're running a job that is taking ten minutes, this sync probably won't encompass it until the job is complete.

            I did the math once of when the sync happens. I think it's every 7 minutes.

            Edward Unthank
            Marketing Operations Specialist