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How to create a Lead with Custom id

Question asked by 049f04d17600c0c4a0c8413c607f986c88c764d3 on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by 8442
I would like to use one of my custom SFDC field as foreignSysPersonId  for creating/updating leads.
say SFDC field name is "Domain_Name__c"  which stores domain name for a customer.

A customer can register any number of domains with same email id, hence domain name is the only suitable candidate for uniquely identifying the leads.

I am setting doing following in my java code -


this lead gets created . next time when I create another lead with same email id and different domain name the old lead gets updated.


I am passing email as set of attributes while creating a new lead record.
attrs.put("Email" , "");

looks like email is still taking precedence over ForeignSysPersonId.  Am I doing anything wrong here ?