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    managing suspended versus invalid emails

      I just did a mail and received both "suspended" and "invalid" hard bounces.  

      As best I can tell, suspended comes from a target domain blocking your mails to it.  But not all the users in that domain. e.g. If I send 100 mails to people at ABC.COM, I may get 20 that come back as suspended with a message like:   571 message refused.   

      Invalid is due to a invalid email address.  I get invalid messages like:  550-Invalid Recepient and 550 5.1.1 <xxx@amgen.com>... User unknown.

      2 questions:
      1) Is the above difference correct?
      2) If the difference is correct, what do you do with these mails?  Seems to me that invalid should be moved to junk and removed from the database.  Should I keep suspended and not block them from future mailings?  Will spam filters only block things periodically?

      Thanks much!
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          Hello Rich,

          You're right. We mark leads as email invalid when they come back with a bounce that tells us it's a bad address. This is a permanent status (unless manually changed). Leads set email invalid will not be sent additional messages - they're part of the "blocked from mailing" number shown in your campaign schedule tab. To repeat, even though these lead records remain in your database, we will not actually send them an email, even when they qualify for a campaign.

          Some customers choose to delete email invalid leads, while others keep them in the system for historical reporting, research, or other purposes. What's right for you will depend on your specific business practices.

          Leads who get set email suspended are those that bounce due to a temporary antispam block. These are usually good addresses, but they are temporarily unavailable. They get suspended for 24 hours after the email bounce, and then they become available for mailing again after that time. (A note - the email suspended field still stays set to true even at the end of this time - check the "email suspended at" field for a timestamp. 24 hours after that time, the lead will be available for mailing.)

          We recommend that you keep leads who get set email suspended. While some antispam blocks can be long term, most of them are resolved within a matter of hours or days.
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            Michelle Tiziani
            @autumn I do have a question regarding emails that are being marked invalid.  There are instances in which some of our customers are being marked with invalid email eventhough their email address is valid and the message is that the sender reputation is poor, or the sender is in our global spam block.  Why is that? What should we do on our end to get it fixed?
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              Echoing Michelle's question stated above. How do we handle these?

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                Also got a 550 error that was indicated as a reputation issue which as I am understanding should have been a temporary suspend instead of marked invalid.

                550-Your message was rejected by this user and was not delivered. 550-Reason: This system uses BMS to check your IP address reputation, and was rejected by the user. IP=[] 550-Protection provided by: MagicMail version 1.3.5 (http://magicmail.linuxmagic.com) 550-For more information, please visit the URL: 550-http://www.linuxmagic.com/power_of_ip_reputation.html 550-or contact your ISP or mail server operator. 550 08288a3c-ff75-11e2-8c98-6fd5185d46cd
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                  Hello Nicole,

                  Traditionally, a 550 error means the address is bad - but the message added here does indeed imply it should be set email suspended instead of email invalid. We can change this within our email server configurations. Please email my team at privacy@marketo.com with the specifics of your account and the lead where you saw this, and we can make some changes to prevent this in the future.