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    Lost Opportunities later becoming Won

      I'm curious what reports are available for this use case:

      1. Contact goes through success path, ending up Closed Lost
      2. 6 months later, a new 2nd opportunity is created for the same contact, Contact enters the "Sales Accepted Lead Stage."
      3. 1 week later, 2nd opporuntity is closed Lost
      4. 2 months later, a new 3rd opp is created for the same contact, ends up Closed Won.

      How will this be reflected in RCA? How granular does the reporting get? Most importantly, will the 3rd opp being closed won somehow "erase" the data on the first 2 opps being closed lost? Erased meaning from the Model, not SFDC or the Opportunities themselves.

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          Hey Monetate,

          My understanding is that as long as the Opportunities are different, then all three will show in the reporting. For (FT), you would see 3 Opps created, 1 Opp won, and the revenue generated from that Opp. As long as the Opps are not deleted, they should always show in the reporting as Closed Lost, but generated from that particular event.
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                 Adding to Jeff's comment, for Model Performance Analysis (Leads) reporting in Revenue Explorer, historical data is not "erased".  Assuming your model is set up to move a lead in the "Closed Lost" lead revenue stage back to the "Sales Accepted" stage, then each of those opportunity creation events will be reflected in the reporting.  For example, the In Flow to "Sales Accepted" will count each opportunity created.