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    Export activity data in mass for statistical analysis?

    Clinton Gage
      I've got some executives that want to export all activity from a collection of leads to perform a statistical analysis on their behaviors and program effectiveness. You can export the activity log for a lead, but can I do it for all members of a list or smartlist?

      Can this be done through...
      the normal UI?
      the API?
      by ProfServ?
      through vendor in LaunchPoint?

      They want to do this on a regular basis so it needs to be a repeatable process.

      Original request so you can see where they are coming from:

           I am trying to determine how to best go about finding a way to export for all individuals information such as the following, so that it can be coupled with their purchase history (don’t necessarily need that to be in Marketo) and subjected to statistical analysis to determine an optimal scoring system to prioritize leads:


           •             First Conversion

           •             Number of Conversions

           •             First Conversion Date

           •             Recent Conversion

           •             Recent Conversion Date

           •             Number of Unique Forms Submitted

           •             Emails Bounced

           •             Emails Clicked

           •             Emails Delivered

           •             Emails Opened

           •             Number of Visits

           •             First Page Seen

           •             Last Page Seen

           •             Last Referring Site

           •             Number of Pageviews

           •             First Referring Site

           •             Original Source Data 1

           •             Original Source Data 2

           •             Original Source Type

           •             Average Pageviews

           •             Recent Conversion (Form Title)

           •             Recent Conversion (Page Title)

           •             Recent Conversion (Date)


           Any insight you have about how this information can be obtained via export from Marketo would be much appreciated.