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    Webinar Status - roll back to Rejected

      We have a webinar program and some registered members we have now decided we want rejected so they cannot access the live webinar. We've tried to update the status but can't roll the status back. The event provider is webex.

      What I'm wondering is if we remove the members we want rejected from the program and then re-upload them into the program with the rejected status, will that then update Webex as rejected?

      We have spoken with Webex and they said rejecting from the webex side may break some of the API logic.
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          You could change the priority on the status "rejected" so you are not going backwards...once you do this you can likely do all this with standard flow-actions...
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                 Once they are registered, they are registered via the connector, and I don't think there is any way to reject someone after they've registered.  So even if you changed the priority status in Marketo and were allowed to change their program status to rejected, their status likely won't change in WebEx. 

                 That is why rejected comes before registered in the standard set of statuses.  This way, you reject them before Marketo tells WebEx via the API that someone has registered.

                 This has come up a few times, so I will talk to the product team to see if they API would allow a reject after registration.  It may be that the API to do this doesn't exist.  Stay tuned.