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    Transition Rules V Content

      I have a transition rule that includes a flow that is set to send an email every seven days for 3 emails,  The emails are included in the flow of the Transition Rule, do I still need the emails in the content section or can I remove the emails from the Content side? am I doubling up?
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          You should not use the transition rule to send the content - do definitely remove them from that flow.  They only need to be on included in the stream.   Transition rules are only used for moving people between streams in the engagement program.  I would recommend viewing either the webinar or one of the video's on the New Release tab for additional information on how to best use the engagement program.  
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            Ok let me explain the scenario to gather yourt thoughts.

            The stream I refer to here is a stream that is triggered when an invoice is sent to a customer, my stream is called "invoice sent - waiting payment"
            Prior to moving to the engangement program I had a smart campaign that was triggered when salesforce opportunity stage went to "invoice sent" exactly 7 days later a gentle email would go out if the invoice was not paid, again 7 days later a second email and 7 days later a 3rd and final email, then a task would be pushed to the salesperson to make contact.

            After each email is sent I push an interesting moment to salesforce for example after email 1 goes out I push an interesting moment that says week1 - customer has not paid invoice, week two another interesting momnent comes in week 2 customer has not paid invoice and so on.

            Should the customer pay the invoice  the opportunity stage is moved to payment received, the customer is pulled from the flow and moved into the customer stream, an interesting moment goes against the profile of the customer saying "payment received"

            How can I trigger the interesting moment to go after each email if I do not send the emails through the flow of the transition rule?

            Hope this makes sense

            I will watch your video I am absorbing everything I can find