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workspaces: can we not share landing pages and forms?

Question asked by Cecile Maindron on Jul 12, 2013
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In the last months some users have by mistake sent emailings to wrong audience. To prevent the spamming of the full database, we want to implement workspaces and lead partitions per region. My colleague is telling me that I'll have to clone my landing pages for each region. For instance we can use same landing page for NORAM, UK, the Netherlands and Luxembourg with belong to 4 different business regions. Is it really the case? Can we not have let's say the French field marketing manager who can only send to France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg but who can create campaigns using the English or German landing pages. This cloning thing sounds like a lot of work to create, maintain and report on... I wouldn't be impressed AT ALL :( ... I have seen in one article that
Right now, you can only share these assets between workspaces:

    landing page templates
    email templates
    smart lists
    static lists
    Smart Campaigns

Would that mean that we can share all landing pages or just the templates? If 2) how do you proceed to create/maintain/report efficiently?

Cécile @ Talend