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**Featured Discussion: Tips for transferring your old nurture track into the new Marketo Customer Engagement

Question asked by 0fa129cb539a5097d3adbb478bc536caa9f18a4e on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by 22304
Re-imagining your nurture tracks using the new customer engagement model is a prime opportunity to up your game and really push the envelope but planning comes first. In our  case, we have multiple personas, and multiple potential customer types (products, new/existing, internal/external etc.).  It can lead to a large number of nurture track permutations.  [Remember your high school factorial and combinatorial math]

So the question becomes how to lay this out using the new customer engagement module? One thing I have learned about Marketo is keep the logic simple otherwise you are in for a maintenance headache in the future. We have gone for the Keep It Simple approach and actually dumped a lot of complexity from our nurture programs.
  •           One customer engagement model per product line/family – just because you might have bought one product does not necessarily mean you are ready to buy a different one and it aligns to the business financials.
  •           One stream per lifecycle type (early, middle, late, customer, lost). Already this is too many, but we are pairing it down to lead/customer/lost.

When you want to add timed events into streams, the least amount of engagement modules/streams the better. Think hard before you add another whole chunk because when you want to add events or webinars to all the streams, it becomes its own busy work.

We have a further problem with fixed selling periods means we have to consider using what I call a compressible message map.  I.e.  Someone enters a nurturing program on week 12 of 26, how do I make sure that someone entering on week 6 gets the most pertinent information.

All that being said, how are you thinking about implementing your customer engagement?


PS: Can’t wait for the communication limits feature, it is going to be awesome on top of an already excellent customer engagement module.