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Expert Help Needed - MQL to First Activity Report

Question asked by c5912401a9577837c2ea745736dc3e5eecc92aee on Jul 16, 2013
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Hi All!

I am looking for some expert help in reporting. My current situation is as follows:

My organization is looking to gain insight into the "Response Time" of our Inside Sales representatives. Specifiically, we are looking to measure the amount of time it takes from when they receive a notification of a MQL lead that is assigned to them to when they log their first follow up activity in Salesforce.

I have done some research online and found a decent amount of information on how to do this from a lead creation to first follow up activity perspective, but because our reps are being notified when a lead hits MQL and not when the lead is created - I need some creative ideas or expert knowledge in how others may be doing this.

Taylor Marcus