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    Calendar Event in an Email for Recurring Webinars

      I'm trying to include a calendaring event (.ics) to webinar confirmation emails.  The only issue is that this is for recurring webinars and I've not hooked up Webex with Marketo for this one since Marketo does not support recurring webinars.

      I still want the users to be able to save the date to their calendars.  Is it possible to configure it such that the "calendar" token looks at the "webinar date" which is also a token becuase its dynamic? Do I have to create a separate "save the date" token for each confirmation email (Monday to Friday)?

      I've created a Smart Campaign that's listening to all the form fill-outs and triggering a confirmation email off of that.  The webinar date is populating correctly since its on the LP, I can't figure out the "Save the Date" piece of it.

      Your help is much appreciated!