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    Anonymous Leads

      Could someone clarify where the "Anonymous Leads" number comes from on the pie chart under the Lead Database tab?
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          To the best of my knowledge that is gathered by a background process refreshed at least once a day, querying Anonymous is True
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            @bgomes - is it safe to assume that these Anonymous Leads are all unique? If an Anonymous Lead does not come back to my site for 90 days, will Marketo automatically remove them? Is there any possibility that an Anonymous Lead is also a Known Lead due to different browsers perhaps?

            Thank you in advance!
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                   It is relatively safe to assume that these Anonymous Leads are all unique.

                   When I mention relatively I am considering the scenario of a single lead using different devices, browsers or clearing cache/cookies at some point in time.
                   The second assumption is also correct. If a lead becomes known it may have an anonymous record, set by a different device (often a distinct IP) and/or browser.
                   The anonymous leads and some specific activities for all leads are purged after 90 days.
                   Automatic Data Cleanup
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                Thank you Breno! I appreciate the prompt response and the link to the data cleanup article.