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Email "AutoPreview" text in inbox vs. "View as Webpage..."

Question asked by 17442 on Jul 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2013 by Josh Hill
I like the "View as webpage" feature that MKTO has, but it automatically puts it at the top of the email. Sometimes this is OK, but I noticed that when an email arrives in an inbox, the autopreview reads "To view as webpage...". Ideally you'd want it to preview your pre-header with a sentence or two regarding the importance of your email.

I've recently found that you can't embed the "view as webpage" html directly into your email - it won't work because MKTO decorates the link automatically on the back-end. So if you want to use "view as webpage.." you're stuck with people seeing that text in their autopreview, not the first couple sentences in your email...

Did anyone else run into this issue and find it strange that there's no way of accommodating this?