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    Basic List Question

      I have a list of friends and family that I would like to announce a new product to. This will be only a one time email. Many of them will not be our direct leads/customers. Here is what I am want to achive:

      1. Since this is a large list, I don't want it to fill up my lead database quota
      2. Those who are not interested, I want their names removed from the list
      3. Those who are interested, I want them to be marked as leads and add them to our leads database

      I am new to Marketo so any tips or best practices would be a big help.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Hey Omar,

          I do not believe Mkto monitors your database size on a daily basis. That being said, I would import the list into a static list. Then, send your email to that list and monitor the responses. Those who unsubscribe, or respond with "no thanks," or don't respond, or don't even open/click the email after a week, you can delete those folks from your database. Those you have a positive response from can be marked however you please so that they are designated as Leads. I'm not sure how you have things set up, but make sure to place everyone in this list in a certain status that will not add them to any other initiatives you have going on. 
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            I'd concur with everything Jeff said and add one more tip to make cleanup easier.

            Simply dd a "Remove From List" flow step to whatever campaign that processes the repsonding leads take.

            if your campagin requires filling out a form to express interest, you might have a trigger campgin 
            Smart List:  Fills out Form (friends & family wants more info on new product)
            Flow Step 1:  Sent follow up email on new product
            Flow Step 2: Remove from list (Friends & Family list)

            After several weeks, anyone left in the Friends & Family list has NOT responded to your campaign, and all remaing leads in the list can be deleted.   Just make sure you dont' delete the list but leave the leads in your databse--in this case, its sounds like you really do want to delete them.

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              Thanks guys, this is very helpful.