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    Send Outlook email from Marketo trigger

    Mark Farnell
      I have a use case where a specific user needs to send an Outlook email based on a trigger on a field in Salesforce.  i.e. when a certain condition is met, an email is sent from that specific person to the lead/contact.

      I've seen the Marketo Outlook plug in, but that looks more like writing and sending an email from Outlook, which is then tracked by Marketo.

      I need Marketo to listen for the trigger and then send the email via Outlook.  Is this possible?

      If not, would I need to create an Outlook style template to send the email from Marketo, and would this be as simple as just sending a text-only email?
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          Hi Mark,

          Our Outlook is for tracking messages, and can't really be used to force one to be sent. I think you best bet would be to use a "Blank" email template. Outlook's emails are sometimes text, but often HTML too. It is mostly a matter of keeping the styling simple so it looks the same- blank templates are the easiest way to that.