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    Marketo Revvie: the Stanley Cup of Marketing Automation...

      After taking home the Revvie award for Most Dramatic Business Impact at #MUS2013 back in April, our marketing ninja team wanted to do something special to thank everyone at Marketo for the award and for hosting such an awesome summit this year.
      At the time of our brainstorm session, the Boston Bruins were still in the running for the Stanley Cup, which became our source for inspiration. If you’re not a hockey fan, there is a long standing tradition in the NHL that after winning the prestigious Stanley Cup, each member of the championship team is allowed to bring the Cup home for a couple days to take it wherever they wish. Unfortunately, the Bruins did not bring the Stanley Cup back to Boston this year. But, SmartBear did bring home a Revvie... Watch the video >  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUsl3YwRZ7I

      On behalf of the SmartBear Marketing Ninjas, thank you Marketo!!!