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    Approval of Download request

      I would like to approve who can download one of the documents that we have on our site. However, to keep things efficient I would like to be able to have the team approve it with a single click, from within the notification email that they receive when the registration on the site to download is successful.

      Is there a way in Marketo do setup up the approval button in the email? So that you can approve it sending the document from within the email.

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          I can't think of a way to click a link in an alert email that would send a delivery email to the lead.  You can include the link to the lead's SFDC record using the {{SP_Send_Alert_Info:default=edit me}} token.  Once the SFDC record is displayed, they can navigate to the Marketo Sales Insight section and select the Add to Marketo Campaign option and select a smart campaign that you set up with the Campaign is Requested trigger (Sales Insight source) to send the email to the lead.
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            There isn't a single click option, but there is a way you might save time.

            Presuming the list that downloads documents is consistent, such as blacklisting competitors and unqualified leads, you might add them to marketing suspended when you first see them.  Then, set up your auto-email campaigns to wait an hour before sending emails, so you can have time to catch the new leads and suspend them before they get the download.