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    Report of Total Form Fillouts per Program

      I cannot seem to figure out a way to find out the amount of form fillouts we have had sorted by program. I want to exclude unsubscribe form fillouts as well as webinar signups.

      I can get a smart list of all leads who have filled out forms, but this does not give me information for how many of those leads have filled out multiple forms.

      The Anayltics tab is so confusing. Does anyone know how to generate these numbers?
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          Hey Jaime,

          The report you want to use is the Landing Page Report. You can then aggregate the form fillouts per Program (manual process) on an exported spreadsheet. We have it set up that each form is it's own Program so it keeps things easier to sort. 

          Another report you can use is the Program Performance. If you set up the program so that they achieve success within the program is by filling out the form, then this report will tell you how many have filled out the form because they are the successes. 

          Neither are ideal, but I think they can be manipulated to get what you need.
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            I think the second route was the most accurate. Although I actually had to pull it out into Excel to manipulate it the way I wanted to. The reports area needs some serious revamping in my opinion.