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    guests registering in forms

      We are having quite a few spouses registering through our form for an upcoming dinner and they have very little information, and frankly they aren't needed in our database. We are allowing them to come to the dinner and we do need to be able to pull a list and see the reg numbers. So how do yall go about this when your events give the option of bringing guests? 
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          Hey Kim,

          I feel like we deal with this every stinkin' event! What we do is this...on each of our event registration forms, we have a check box for "I would like to bring a guest" ... it's really our contact sales button, but you could conceivably use any checkbox here.

          Then I have an alert function set up that whenever the check box is checked on this field, an alert is sent to our events coordinator saying "Bobby Bobberson has ticked the checkbox and would like to bring a guest. Please follow up with him!" so that she knows to give this person a call and get guest details. It's also important to have a change data value trigger/campaign in there to turn the check box off after the event happens as well...

          We then track this in an excel spreadsheet outside of Marketo. Like you, we don't want random bits of information about a person that is typically a spouse and often a stay-at-home one or, at the least, usually someone we don't care too much about.

          If they are a person-of-interest, we'll find that out at the event and add them to Marketo afterward.

          It's annoying to run this in Excel and outside of Marketo...but we don't have iPads, so we can't use the event app anyways :( Hope this helps, or at least gives you some ideas!
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            Thanks for the response!

            This does help, and gives me a work around. The thing about this particular event is that we didn't want to encourage people to bring guests, and I think if there was that checkbox, they would be more inclined.

            This helps though and we may need to do it this way.
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              Spouse information is valuable data to Sales, especially if they are coming to events.  I'd be sure to capture this somewhere on the contact records and make it visible to your sales reps.