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Custom Subscription Preferences w. the Customer Engagement Engine

Question asked by Lauren Galietti on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by 19850

     We do not use the standard Marketo subscription preferences but rather, have our own subscription center where people can opt-in or out of any of 5 different categories (Product information, Events information, etc.).

     Currently, when we set up a smart lists to launch an outbound campaigns, we add the filter "Email Opt-In - _______ information" is "TRUE." What goes in the _____ depends on the type of email being sent. So an email about a tradeshow would use the filter "Email Optin - Events Information" is true. This ensures that only people who are still opted in to that category receive the email we are sending.

     1) When setting up a nurture program using the new customer engagement engine, how can we be sure that someone who opts out after receiving our first email will not receive future emails that are part of the engagement program? Is it as simple as adding "E-mail Opt-In - ________ information" is true to our smart list for the engagement program?

     2) If our engagement program is going to be a mix of different types of communication, let's say mainly educational content/product information but when we're attending a relevant trade show we want to insert event information, how would we handle the subscription preferences for that?

     Thanks in advance for any guidance / advice!