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Spell checker broken

Question asked by 33092 on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2013 by e5edb74a60d32292c0d40b6e0c3f415bc9847139
Hi all,
So I'm a bit taken back by this one. Was brought to my attention that spell checker doesn't seem to work, not at all.
I put the below text into the email editor and try to spell check and it says no errors. Repeating tons and tons of cases and i still cant get it to recognize anything as spelled incorrectly... 
Can someone from Marketo or the community please chime in on this. Kind of at a loss for words on this and how nobody seems to be posting that its broken. Makes me worried something isnt right on my instance.


     whichk way doess the apple fall doun 

     Marketo spell cheker doess not work, not eeven closee